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Friends University with Samuel Hutchison

Our world-class Overture Concert Organ was built with exquisite old-world craftsmanship, designed to last several lifetimes. Help us preserve this legacy by joining Friends of the Overture Concert Organ. To join, please click here to sign up online or contact Luba Konowalskyj at (608) 257-3734 or lkonowalskyj@madisonsymphony.org.

Friends of the Overture Concert Organ promote events featuring the Madison Symphony Orchestra's Overture Concert Organ and serve as ambassadors for an expanding program of outreach and education events. Friends help sustain the maintenance, tuning and concert production of the Overture Concert Organ. They also support lectures, organ demonstrations, master classes and other outreach events that increase awareness and appreciation of this great instrument both regionally and nationally.

Contributions make it possible for the Madison Symphony Orchestra to produce organ recitals, hymn sings, Friends University events, and to tune and maintain the treasured Klais Organ.



Diane Endres Ballweg
Bruce and Suzanne Case
W. Jerome Frautschi and
    Pleasant T. Rowland
An Anonymous Friend

($535 OR MORE)

James and Diane Baxter
Marian and Jack Bolz
Anne W. Bolz
Gordon and Nancy Enderle
John and Christine Gauder
Carolyn Kau and Chris Hinrichs
Doug and Norma Madsen
Susanne M. Michler
Elaine and Nick Mischler
Alfred P. and Ann M. Moore
Vicki and Marv Nonn
Sandra L. Osborn
Kato L. Perlman
Reynold V. Peterson
John A. Rafoth
Dennis and Judy Skogen

($285 OR MORE)

Fernando and Carla Alvarado
Association of
    Church Musicians
Nancy Becknell
Terry Haller
Doris M. Metcalf
John and Carol Toussaint
Jeffrey and Nancy Williamson
Bob and Elsie Wilson

($85 OR MORE)

Emy Andrew
Richard and Elizabeth Askey
Conrad and Marlys Bauman
Alan and Ramona Ehrhardt
David L. and Betty L. Ellis
Terry and Mary Claire Esbeck
Curt Everson
Ed and Pat Fadell
Timothy and Renee Farley
Carol Fosshage
Paul Fritsch
Shirley Funk
Thomas Garver
George Gay and Brian Soper
DuWayne and Joan Gilbertson
The Rev. Paul Goddard
Dorothy E. Halverson
Robert and Sara Harloff
John Hayward and Susan Roehlk
Perry and Virginia Henderson
Gary Hessel
John and Beverly Hicks
Cheryl Holzhueter
James and Cindy Hoyt
Margaret A. Hutchinson
Ann Hutchison and Ross Graves
Samuel R. and
    Mary H. Hutchison
Darko and Judy Kalan
Valerie and Andreas Kazamias
Miki and Ivan Knezevic
Greg and Deborah Krauss Smith
Keith and Mary Krinke
John R. Krueger
Jack Ladinsky
Bill Lamm and Connie Hagen
Bill and Fern Lawrence
Gary E. Lewis
James Lins and
    Patricia McKinney-Lins
Willis Long and Caleb Swartz
Connie Maxwell
Gerald and Ute McGowan
Gale Meyer
Karen Miller
Peter and Mary Monkmeyer
Peder and Jeanne Moren
Paul and Judith Moriarty
Bill and De Nelson
Don and Krista Nelson
Todd and Nancy Ninman
Bonnie Orvick
Gerald and Christine Popenhagen
Joanne and John Powles
Walter and Karen Pridham
Arthur and Ursula Rathburn
Bob and Connie Roden
Ron Rosner
Dennis and
Janice Schattschneider
Anita L. Schulz
Edwin and Ruth Sheldon
Harold and Marilyn Silvester
Gerald and Shirley Spade
Nina S. Sparks
William P. Stampfli
Gareth L. Steen
Anne Stoelting
David Stone
Joan Strahota
W. Stuart and
Elizabeth Sykes
Dr. Bob and Susan Titus
James R. Tompson
Nick and Judy Topitzes
Tom and Dianne Totten
Jon and Susan Udell
Sandra Waldman
Ann Wallace
John and Janine Wardale
Fred and Eleanor Wertz
Carolyn White
Wade and Shelley Whitmus
Heidi Wilde and
Kennedy Gilchrist
Pastor Thomas L. Wilsmann
Roy and Louise Yeazel
Two Anonymous Friends

Maurice Althaus
Lyle J. Anderson
Carolyn Aradine
Sam and Joan Arneson
Preston and Karen Baker
James Baldwin
    and Alexis Buchanan
Chuck Bauer and
    Chuck Beckwith
Eleanor Becker
Gary and Kay Bellrichard
Bruce Bengtson
Edward Bernthal
Thomas Bernthal
Robert Blitzke and
    Jane Grogan
Shaila and Tom Bolger
Lynn Bonneau
Lewis Bosworth
Stan and Marylin Boyer
James and Susan Brachtl
Dorothy and Ellsworth Brown
Alan Brown
Dr. Kenneth Bussan
Stephen Caldwell and
    Judith Werner
Evonna Marie Cheetham
Gayle Cody
Marshall and Arlene Colburn
Richard and Beverly Davidson
Bea and Gene Dewey
Joel and Geraldine Diemer
Paula Doyle
Audrey and Philip Dybdahl
Willis J. Ehlert
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Ekola
Jon and Crystal Enslin
Donna Erbach
Dr. Mike and Rose Fahien
John and Peg Faludi
Kathleen Farnsworth
Thomas A. Farrell
James and Linda Federhart
John Fitzgerald and
    Debra Anklam
Dennis and Dotti Flint
Donna B. Fox
Carolyn Fuerst
Kenneth and Molly Gage
Pauline Gilbertson
Daniel and Michelle Gillette
Carl and Peggy Glassford
William Goehring
Helga Good
Janet Gordon
Denise and Paul Green
Bob and Bevi Haimerl
Diane Hammer and
Wayne Otto
Alice and Marc Hansen
John F. Hardiman
Don and Mary Harkness
Arlene P. Hart
Nancy and Gary Hertel
Nona Hill and Clark Johnson
Charles Hilston
Les and Susan Hoffman
Ruth Hutchison
Jerrold Jacobsen
and Judy Allison
Paul and Lynne Jacobsen
Kris S. Jarantoski
Evelyn Jennings
Samuel B. Johnson
Maryanne and Bob Julian
Janet E. Mertz and
Jonathan M. Kane
Bob and Alice Kaschel
Judith M. King
Larry Kneeland
Luba Konowalskyj and
     Gray Williams
Susan Kosharek
Richard and
     Claire Kotenbeutel
Linda Krueger
Ann Lacy
Don Lamb
Paul Lenhart
Kathy Lewinski
Shirley A. Lloyd
Ruth and Roy Luber
Bradford E. Macfarlane
David and Ann Martin
William Mason
Nancy McGill and
Meghan Meeker

James Merten
Corinne Miller
Paul and Margaret Miller
Rick Mills
Michael Mills
Lucy Moore
Alinda Nelson
Virginia Nitz
Diane D. Nixon
Philip R. Olson
Norman and
    Darlene Olson
Ernest J. Peterson
Terry Peterson
Lynn and Sally Phelps
Larry and Jan Phelps
Richard and Marjorie Pifer
Roger and Loraine Pilgrim
John Pinkert
Sue Poullette
Randall and Debbie Raasch
John and Hua Ramer
Warren and Dorothy Rebholz
Stephen and Margery Resan
Stanley and Zoe Richardson
Robert H. and Mary Alice Rieder
Cora Rund
Morris Sadicario
    and Alice Kissling
Donald and Barbara Sanford
Herb and Barbara Saunders
Terry and Mary Schar
Dorothy I. Schroeder
Vicki Scott
Georgia Shambes
Janice Shucha
Mel and Dottie Siedband
Lise R. Skofronick
Marty Slager
Curt and Jane Smith
Eileen Smith
Steve Somerson and
    Helena Tsotsis
Ken Sosinski
Kenneth Spielman
Kenneth Stancer
Ray and Harriet Statz
David and Shirley Susan
Jo Thomley
Russell and Karen Tomar
Todd and Kim Toussaint
Vi and Walt Trzeciak
Doris Van Houten
Mr. and Mrs.
    Howard C. Van Valzah
Doris Vande Streek
Dr. Condon and Mary Vander Ark
Richard and Patricia Vanderhoef
Edward and Jan Vidruk
Margaret Volkmann
Paul and Sherrill Wagner
Greg L. Wagner
Linda Warren
Jeanne Warzyn
Sally Wellman and Gary Meyer
Dave and Nina Werner
Karl and Ellen Westlund
Royce Williams and
    Judith Siegfried
Brenda Wingfield
Anders Yocom and
    Ann Yocom Engelman
Carolyn Young
Bethel Zabell
George and Dorothy Zografi
One Anonymous Friend