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Photo by Bob Rashid

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Adopt-a-Stop brochure

To help ensure the Overture Concert Organ will be heard by future generations, the MSO and Friends of the Overture Concert Organ are seeking to raise funds for the Organ Endowment, a permanent fund which helps support organ programming and care of the instrument. At this time, we need less than $300,000 to reach our $2 million goal - and YOU can help!

You are invited to adopt a pipe, stop, or other part of the Overture Concert Organ in your own name or in the name of a loved one. Adoptive donors will be acknowledged in a permanent listing and will receive an Adoption Certificate that details the piece of the organ he or she has adopted. The minimum donation to adopt a part of the organ is $1,000, but gifts to the organ endowment of any amount are also greatly appreciated!

If you have enjoyed seeing and hearing the Overture Concert Organ, please consider supporting its endowment with a gift that is personally meaningful to you.

To discuss your specific adoption interests, or to request a brochure to be mailed to your home, please contact Director of Development Casey Oelkers at (608) 257-3734 or coelkers@madisonsymphony.org.


Thank you to these generous donors for their gifts of $1,000 or more to the Adopt-a-Stop Campaign for the Overture Concert Organ Endowment. Donors who have chosen to adopt individual parts of the organ are listed with their individual adoptions.

Nicholas and Elaine Mischler
Friends of the Overture Concert Organ
  in honor of Samuel C. Hutchison
     Great Division
Gamber F. Tegtmeyer, Jr.,
  in memory of Audrey Tegtmeyer
     Swell Division
John and Christine Gauder
     Pedal Contra Bombarde 32'
Reynold V. Peterson
     Swell Basson 16'
Lise Skofronick
     Solo Harmonic Flute 8'
An Anonymous Friend
Façade Pipe
Dr. Frederick W. Blancke
     Façade Pipe - Great Principal 16' – F²
Daniel and Stacey Bormann
  in memory of Larry Shrode
     Façade Pipe - Great Principal 16' - D¹
Thomas A. Farrell, in honor of Ann Farrell
     Great Principal 16' - A³
Jane Hamblen and Robert F. Lemanske
     Great Principal 16' - B¹
Sandra L. Osborn
     Great Principal 16' - C³
Major Pipe
Anne Bolz
  in honor of Greg Upward
     Solo Harmonic Flute 8' - G³
In memory of Lila Smith Lightfoot
     Solo Tuba 16' - C¹
Vicki and Marv Nonn
     Pedal Double Open 32' - C¹
Minor Pipe
Fernando and Carla Alvarado
     Solo Principal 8' – C³
Fernando and Carla Alvarado,
   in honor of Nicholas and Elaine Mischler
     Solo Principal 8' - C³
     Swell Quintflöte 2¾' - F¹
Nancy Becknell
     Solo French Horn 8' - C¹
Ed and Lisa Binkley
     Pedal – Vox Balinae 64' - C¹
Capitol Lakes
     Swell Fugara 4' - D³
Friends of the Overture Concert Organ
2015-2016 Board of Directors
  in honor of Elaine Mischler
     Choir Clarinet 8’ – B-Flat¹
Paul Fritsch and Jim Hartman
     Solo French Horn 8’ - A³
Dr. Robert and Linda Graebner
     Great Principal 8' - C¹
Kris S. Jarantoski
     Swell Bordun 8' - C³
Darko and Judy Kalan
  in honor of Samuel C. Hutchison
     Swell Basson–Hautbois 8' – C¹
Carolyn Kau and Chris Hinrichs
     Choir Suavial 8' - C³
Gary Lewis
     Swell Basson-Hautbois 8' - C³
Connie Maxwell
     Swell Basson-Hautbois 8' - A³
Susanne M. Michler
     Swell Trompette Harmonique 8' - C³
Stephen D. Morton
     Swell Bourdon 16' - C¹
Larry and Jan Phelps
     Pedal – Subbass 16' – C¹
Hans and Mary Lang Sollinger
     Swell Traversflöte 4' - A²
Harriet Thiele Statz
     Choir Gemshorn 8' - A³
Anders Yocom and Ann Yocom Engelman
     Solo Principal 8' - A²