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For New Subscribers:
What determines my seating location in Overture Hall? Seating for new subscribers begins after the renewal deadline of May 10, 2018. Your subscription season assignment will be based on your choice of seats, your priority position as determined by your past subscription, donation and volunteer investment in the MSO, and then by the date your order was received.

Do I have a chance at good seats if I don't have a history with the MSO? ABSOLUTELY! Subscribers' seat requests are filled before single tickets go on sale. Even if you have no prior history, subscribing is the best way to guarantee the best seats at the best savings at our Symphony concerts.
For Renewing Subscribers:
How do you determine my priority for seating changes or upgrades? Subscription seating change and upgrade requests are addressed after the renewal period ends on May 10, 2018. Changes and upgrades are dependent on un-renewed seats of other subscribers; therefore, it is not always possible to accommodate your change requests. Changes are handled in order of your priority as determined by your past subscription, and your donation and volunteer investment in the MSO. You must renew by May 10, 2018, to maintain this priority.
For Everyone: How Priority is Determined
Subscription Investment: 60% We value all of our subscriber-members and believe that regular subscription is the baseline form of support for the MSO. When you commit your calendar and your dollars to a subscription, you are ensuring that live classical music continues to pour from the hearts and hands of our musicians, adding to the rich cultural vibrancy of the greater community.

Donation Investment: 40% Ticket revenues cover less than half our costs. Because our donors help close the gap between ticket revenues and expenses to ensure a strong artistic future for the MSO, we recognize cumulative donations to the MSO.

Volunteer Investment: Ongoing support from our volunteers is also crucial to the MSO's success! Additional consideration is given to subscribers who have served, or are currently serving, in one or more of the following volunteer groups: MSO Board of Directors, Madison Symphony Orchestra League, and Madison Symphony Chorus.
Why Use a Priority Seating Procedure?
We have surveyed and listened to our subscribers. Based on this research, we developed and refined the Priority Seating Procedure, which we consider the most fair and equitable way to seat our subscribers in Overture Hall.